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Investor Relations Last update 10 months ago

Welcome to Fliam!


At Fliam, we highly value our relationship with our investors and strive to maintain transparency and open communication. Our Investor Relations department serves as a bridge between Fliam and our shareholders, providing important information and updates about our company's performance, financial results, and strategic initiatives.


As part of our commitment to investor relations, we aim to:

1. Provide Accurate and Timely Information: We strive to deliver accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information about Fliam's business operations, financial performance, and future prospects. This includes regular reporting of financial results, investor presentations, and disclosures required by regulatory authorities.

2. Foster Open Communication: We encourage open and transparent communication with our investors. We are committed to promptly addressing investor inquiries and providing clear and comprehensive responses to ensure a thorough understanding of our company and its activities.

3. Share Corporate Governance Practices: We believe in maintaining strong corporate governance practices to safeguard the interests of our investors. We are dedicated to adhering to applicable laws, regulations, and best practices to ensure ethical conduct, integrity, and accountability within our organization.

4. Organize Investor Events: We recognize the importance of fostering direct engagement with our investors. We regularly organize investor events, such as conference calls, webcasts, and investor presentations, to provide a platform for sharing insights, addressing concerns, and building relationships.

5. Promote Long-Term Value Creation: We are committed to creating long-term value for our investors. We strive to articulate our strategic vision, growth plans, and investment opportunities to enable our investors to make informed decisions and participate in the success of Fliam.


Our Investor Relations team is dedicated to supporting the needs of our shareholders, analysts, and other stakeholders. For any investor-related inquiries or information, please contact our Investor Relations department at support@fliam.com. We value your partnership and look forward to providing you with valuable insights and updates on Fliam's performance and progress.